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  • About

    Mikhail Konnov was born in 1953 in Orenburg .

    The first creative period, from 1968 to 1970 years, held in the «Academy Mikhnik» (Mikhail Efimov) with Yu. Zimovets and A. Alexandrov. In 1980 graduated from the Art and Graphic Department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. In 1982 he joined the Youth Association of the Union of Artists, further — the Union of Artists of the USSR. From 1981 по 1988 гг. — participant of the Moscow, Republican and All-Union Youth Exhibitions (painting, graphics), с 1982 по 2005 гг. — Exhibitions of Moscow Artists’ Union. Total – more then 150 group and solo exhibitions. His works are submitted in the Fund of the Russian Ministry of Culture, Moscow Union of Artists, in public and private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Japan, U.S. and other countries.

    Major exhibitions:

    1988-90 yy. – Exhibitions of the Russian Ministry of Culture — Indonesia, Syria, Cyprus

    1991 y. – Painting Biennale of Small Forms, Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)

    1991 y. – «Watercolor». All-Union Exhibition of the USSR Union of Artists in The Central House of Artists

    1992 y. – Personal exhibition in The Central House of Artists (painting, graphics)

    1992-94 yy. – Auctions at the Hotel Drouot Richelieu, France

    2000-2004 yy. – Collaboration with the Association of Culture, Leary (France, Normandy) solo exhibitions in Normandy

    2001-2005 yy. – «The World of Painting», Moscow Artists’ Union Exhibition

    2004 y. – Solo exhibition at the gallery Natalie Boldirieff/Natali Boldirieff (Saint-Honore Foburg, Paris)

    2005 y. – The exhibition at the Delegation of the European Union in Moscow (painting, retrospective)

    2005 y. – Plein Air in Bashkiria in common with G. Glakhteev

    2006 y. – The exhibition at the Moscow House of Sculptors (painting)

    From 2006 y. — present time — Permanent exhibition in the «Studio 49»